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The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. Imagine the impossible and make it possible.
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Latest News:
FS Real Time for Prepar3D v5 is coming soon!
8 May 2020
FS Real Time is being updated to work with Prepar3D v5 and FSUIPC v6. Though we are in the early stage of the development process, we wanted to announce a release target for late summer. Stay tuned for more as we continue our work of bringing FS Real Time to Prepar3D v5 and FSUIPC v6!
FS Real Time updater service bug fixed!
5 Sep 2019
A serious bug with the FS Real Time updater service has been found and squashed. The bug would cause FS Real Time to become corrupt when attempting to update to the newest version. If you've been affected by this bug then you can simply head over to our downloads page and download the update from there.

(For the technical nerds out there, the error was caused by an associated mime-type that was missing on our web server and therefore, the server was not hosting the update files. When FS Real Time attempted to download the update, it would instead download the '404 not found' page and name that downloaded file as 'fsrealtime.exe' causing the corruption described here.)

3D Softworks server fire - Update #2
5 Sep 2019
We did it! We're fully back up and running after a fire knocked out our previous server hardware on the 23rd of August. Now, with the installation of new server hardware and lots of coffee later, we can now declare 3D Softworks fully operational. The remaining work of installing and configuring the purchasing back-end stuff as well as the other miscellaneous back-end stuff which amounted to the last 10% is complete and FS Real Time is once again for sale through the website!
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