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"FS Real Time" is designed to keep Microsoft® Flight Simulators UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the Real World. You can have it maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset (+/-) so you can fly at any variation of time from the Real Time.

FS Problem Solved:

A known problem in all Microsoft Flight Simulators is that the time keeps falling behind the Real World time. Also, when crossing Time Zones, the Microsoft Flight Simulators all change its UTC time instead of its Local Time, which can cause problems. The same thing happened when crossing the International Date Line but even worse -- by a whole day! For example, if you were flying East at dusk, when crossing a Time Zone, all of a sudden you would find yourself flying in broad daylight again.

This program will monitor your aircraft's current UTC offset within Microsoft Flight Simulator and preemptively adjust the game's UTC to the correct (offset adjusted) time, as you cross each Time Zone.


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Additional Features:

Have you ever needed to Pause a game? Well FS Real Time knows when you do, and waits for you to un-Pause the game. When the game is un-paused, FS Real Time recalculates the Offset to Real Time and then maintains this Offset as you continue to fly, without any intervention on your part.

What about flying with the Simulation Rates greater than 'x1'? Those long ocean trips can get pretty boring, can't they? Well FS Real Time can help you there too. When you increase the Simulation Rate above 'x1', FS Real Time goes into hibernation waiting for you to come out of 'Time Warp Mode'. When you do, FS Real Time again recalculates the Offset to Real Time and maintains it while you continue your flight to your destination. So, if in the Simulator, you've just flown 12 hours in a couple of hours Real Time, FS Real Time will keep you at that 10 hour advanced time.

FS Real Time includes context-sensitive help that provides answers to your questions about the use of FS Real Time. It's never more than a right-click away. Simply right-click on any item within FS Real Time and a pop-up description of what that particular item does and/or what it means is presented.

FS Real Time now supports simultaneous multiple Flight Simulator installations. Now when installing FS Real Time, you're no longer limited to choosing just one Flight Simulator that FS Real Time will be installed for. Instead, during the installation, you are now presented with a list of Flight Simulators which are detected on your system and you can pick and choose which Flight Simulators are to be configured.

The new Ephemeris Calculator (introduced in v1.69) offers a really convenient way of selecting a specific time of day. One of the beauties of flying high in the sky is often watching the sunrise or sunset. Now it's not a question of trying to figure out that exact offset from real time. It's already done for you at the click of a button. Just simply click on any one of three time-of-day presets and enjoy the perfect sunrise, sunset, or noon-time flight.

Accurate World Time Zones:

Did you ever notice that the time in Flight Simulator didn't quite seem to be accurate no matter what you did? For example: if you adjusted the UTC time, the local time would be off or vice versa. Well, now the time can be accurate with the addition of these updated time zone files. Now, flying over India, viewing Mt Everest in Nepal, or taking a quick jaunt around Europe yields the correct time zone -- where ever you are. Furthermore, the files correct the Daylight Saving Time for areas that observe it. The entire world is covered by these files except for areas where Microsoft's time zone file is already correct. These files expand upon the original work of Dennis Thompson who is the author of the original files and whose hard work has allowed for a more realistic flight simulator experience.

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